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    If you have been approached, in any way, by a police officer indicating that he or she wishes to “talk” to you about an “incident” or a “complaint” which may involve a suspicion of sexual contact with another – CALL A CRIMINAL ATTORNEY!!

      Sexual assault cases are particularly difficult to defend where the client has made some sort of statement to the police before speaking with an attorney (or, having spoken with an attorney, the client chooses to speak anyway). The problem being that it is as devastating to your defense whether you confess or admit to the allegation or simply confirm some details that corroborate some part of the “victim’s” story. Even if you know you are innocent because there was no sexual contact, no contact at all, or only sexual contact that was consensual (and age appropriate), the fact that the police are asking you about it is the best indication that you are a suspect. Any sort of admission or confirmation of even the most benign fact(s) can have horrible consequences for your future.

      Often the police couch their contact in terms that make it sound like the whole thing is a nuisance to them and they know there was no crime and they just need you to confirm some basic information so they can “clear” their case. This is a trick most of the time.

       If you receive a contact, by phone, IM, Facebook, email or otherwise from someone who you would not have any reason to hear from, or someone with whom you have had physical contact in the past and they want to “talk about it”, assume the police are monitoring the call.

      The range of crimes and punishments for sexual assaults range from fairly serious to massively serious (a life sentence is possible for a sexual assault involving penetration of a child 12 or under).

      Any sentence for a sexual crime can be a life sentence simply because the collateral consequences our laws and our society impose make it so. Being declared a sexual offender or predator carries a lifetime of restrictions and requirements that may well make you wish you were simply in prison.

I have handled dozens of sexual cases in my career. I fully believe in being an aggressive defender of my clients from day one.

Called by the police? The officer needs you to come in to talk about your relationship with another person?

    If you are doing research on your charges, many lawyers have created detailed websites for that purpose. Many are excellent but do not necessarily aid you in your search for an attorney. Be aware that, like researching your own medical issues, you may subject yourself to an overly dire view of your situation. I can put your case in context and provide you with an explanation tailored to your unique situation.

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