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Using Google to self diagnose or become “better informed” about your medical issues often leads to undue anxiety, expense, and other problems. This is also true for researching your criminal law issues through lawyer websites. My website is designed for those who are looking for information that will help them choose the best attorney for their case at a cost that is within their means.

  • I have not attempted to fill this site with blurbs about every criminal offense in the State of Florida. All criminal lawyers are familiar with the same laws. I do not think it is a bad idea to have this kind of information. However, it does not serve well as a guide to the best lawyer
  • We have dozens and dozens of criminal defense lawyers in South Florida with websites. Each of them, for the most part, has hired a developer to create their site. Because Google and other search engines are very content driven, every developer/lawyer feels compelled to create a page for every criminal offense. In bulk these are repetitive, and, I suspect, are routinely copied and pasted from other sites. There is simply a limited amount of ways that the crime of Domestic Battery. for instance, can be presented.
  • If you are simply seeking some basic understanding of the crime(s) with which you are charged, I heartily recommend you visit a different lawyer’s website. Then when you feel you have the information you need, come on back here and lets talk about your particular case and why I may be the lawyer for you.
  • The reason for caution in legal self diagnosis is the same as in the medical realm. There is no context to the information you are getting. Knowing that, on its face, the charge you may be facing carries a punishment up to fifteen years in prison is misleading and stress inducing and makes you vulnerable to being overcharged. The fact is that almost no one actually gets the maximum sentence and most people I represent either win their cases or end up with probation or a much lighter sentence than the max.
  • If you are online in the first week or two after you have been arrested on a felony, you actually do not know what charges you will actually face. All felony cases are subjected to prosecutorial review (called intake) and, upon review, many are dropped altogether or lowered to misdemeanors or less severe felonies. To pay a criminal lawyer based on your initial charges may be a very unwise decision and one I take care to prevent.

If my “chatbox” says I am available it means that. I will happily chat with you about your issues. I will probably ask to convert the chat to a phone conversation as my typing skills are old school. So stay, look around, email, request a chat or call me.


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