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      The number of domestic violence cases is so high that many counties have a judge or judges entirely devoted to hearing cases related to domestic issues. From domestic violence to No Contact Orders and Injunctions, the State Attorney’s Offices have an entire division relegated to domestic crimes and prosecutions. Many domestic violence cases are misdemeanors, but should the allegations include serious bodily injury, use of a deadly weapon, strangulation, or if a female victim is pregnant then a felony charge may result. Acts of Domestic Violence in the presence of minors can also be charged as felonies.

      Domestic violence cases require an attorney who has some understanding of the dynamics involved. By definition, these cases usually involve family members and loved ones. The stresses and strains of relationships can be difficult and, in some cases, lead to violence or threat of violence.  These stresses can also lead to false accusations of violence and that’s where a lawyer with experience sifting the real from the fake is vitally important.

      It is of the utmost importance that action be taken quickly following a domestic violence charge. There is often no bond at time of booking and no release is possible until you see the judge. It is routine for judges to impose harsh conditions for release including “No Contact Orders” which often means a person must leave their home. These judges often do not take into consideration the devastating effects these penalties can have on the person and they haven’t even been proven guilty. These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to you and your loved ones.

    If you are doing research on your charges, many lawyers have created detailed websites for that purpose. Many are excellent but do not necessarily aid you in your search for an attorney. Be aware that, like researching your own medical issues, you may subject yourself to an overly dire view of your situation. I can put your case in context and provide you with an explanation tailored to your unique situation.

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