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Is this your first time? Or are you “prison time walking” based on your past history and built in sentencing guidelines score? Charged with a felony or having to go to court on a misdemeanor? In today’s world being charged, arrested, or threatened with criminal prosecution has the potential to alter your life n ways never before imagined. A simple arrest becomes public information and I don’t care what anybody tells you, the record of your arrest will outlive you. Many have lost sight of the fact that an arrest in no way means actual guilt and sealing and expungement laws in Florida date back to the days of handwritten court records.

I can successfully fight your case all the way through trial or guide you through an investigation with the goal of assuring things go no further or anywhere in between. I bring decades of experience to the table for you. I love trying cases in front of a judge or a jury, but less than 5% of criminal cases actually proceed to trial. Most are resolved by compromise or dismissed.

Even if the facts appear clearly against you, and a plea bargain seems advisable, I will search for leverage to assure you receive the best deal possible. Your choice of attorney may be one of the biggest decisions you make.


First of all, I am the attorney and the only attorney. You will be able to rely on my availability at all times and there is no chance your case will be assigned to a person you did not hire. Further, because I am answerable only to myself, I can tailor my fees to your individual situation.

My goal is to be available. Being involved in a criminal prosecution is stressful not just for you but for those who care about you. Events occur and issues arise at all hours of the day and days of the year. I do not consider my job to be only 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. I often consult with my clients by phone at night as well as on weekends and holidays.

The Law Office of Steven Gomberg is conveniently located about a mile west of I-95 on Southern Boulevard on the grounds of the airport. I am in a secure building and I am the only lawyer on the property. Parking is free, easy and convenient.


  • If you call 561-471-8100 you will either speak directly with me or my Assistant Dawn or be able to leave a voicemail and receive a prompt return call. An Email to will be promptly answered.
  • If you have been arrested or charged by Citation or Notice to Appear, and are willing to provide your name and the location of your case, I will, for no charge, review the circumstances of your situation and, whether you hire me or not, provide valuable information about your case and, in many cases, a firm fee proposal.
  •  If you live out of the area, I will do all I can to minimize the need for you to return to the County of your case or, in some cases, assure you never have to do so.
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