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      The government has reached out and tapped you on the shoulder. They have made it clear you are not free to leave. You have lost your freedom and are under arrest. No, they do not have to say the words. You are now in the criminal justice system and, in some way, this system will try to make an impact on your life. Innocent or entirely guilty, the State Attorneys offices have hired hundreds of skilled lawyers whose job it is to assure that you suffer what they see as the consequences of your actions.

Fortunately, we live in a country that places the burden of proof on the government. You do not have to prove your innocence. The prosecutors have to produce evidence sufficient to convince a judge or a jury of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  It is my job, and the job of all criminal defense lawyers, to attack the government’s evidence to show reasonable doubt or to find a legal defect in the government’s case whether the client is, in fact, guilty or not. Should it appear reasonable doubt or dismissal is not a likely outcome, you should expect that your lawyer will use his or her experience, education, and skill to guide you to the best possible resolution that can be obtained.


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