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Police are a vital part of our society, but they can make mistakes just like anyone else. The Law Office of Steven Gomberg has collected nearly $2 million for its clients who were wrongly accused and arrested. This also includes clients who were the victim of excessive force by a police officer during an arrest. Excessive force is sometimes difficult to prove because the definition is so open-ended. Some submission moves, such as choke holds, are completely barred from police use. If a person fights back during an arrest then the definition of necessary force becomes more extreme. It is really a judgment call on the officer’s part and if they make a wrong decision it could work in your favor. Just like any person, a police officer can react negatively to a situation and become angry. There are hundreds of cases across the United States of police officers using excessive force, so having a lawyer experienced in handling police brutality cases can really help you out in the long run.


A false arrest is an arrest without “probable cause”. Probable Cause requires that, the arresting office at the time of the arrest have sufficient facts to believe that a crime has been committed and that the person being arrested has committed the crime.

Simply because the case is eventually dropped or even if you win at trial, this does not mean you were falsely arrested. It means that, even though the officer at the time had enough evidence to arrest you, it was not sufficient to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have successfully sued many law enforcement agencies for False Arrest. Even if you were represented by another private attorney in the criminal case or the Public Defender, I will be happy to hear from you and evaluate your possible civil lawsuit.

     If you are doing research on your charges, many lawyers have created detailed websites for that purpose. Many are excellent but do not necessarily aid you in your search for an attorney. Be aware that, like researching your own medical issues, you may subject yourself to an overly dire view of your situation. I can put your case in context and provide you with an explanation tailored to your unique situation.

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