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     White collar crime, also referred to as economic crime, is an area is an area in which I have substantial experience. Thefts by fraud or embezzlement of funds are common offenses here in South Florida. It is important that you speak to an attorney who understands the difference between business disputes or breaches of contract and criminal fraud. Prosecutors often cross the line and an unfortunate and perhaps unavoidable business dispute can be mistaken for a crime.

      It is very important to get on top of the government’s investigation at the earliest moment. Unlike “street” crime, white collar cases do not often result in immediate arrest and there often is no scene of the crime. No matter how confident you may be that your situation is civil in nature, please contact an attorney at the first sign that police or the investigative arm of a regulatory agency have taken an interest. It is difficult for many people who  have convinced themselves that a matter can not be criminal to reject the opportunity to sit down with investigators and explain their position only to find out later that the statements they made are actually being used to bolster the prosecution. 

If you are doing research on your charges, many lawyers have created detailed websites for that purpose. Many are excellent but do not necessarily aid you in your search for an attorney. Be aware that, like researching your own medical issues, you may subject yourself to an overly dire view of your situation. I can put your case in context and provide you with an explanation tailored to your unique situation.

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